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«Economics of Financial Markets, Risk Management and Corporate Governance» 

The Laboratory «Economics of Financial Markets, Risk Management and Corporate Governance» of the Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics, Business and International Studies, was established and operates under the No 201719532 Min. Decision (Government Gazette 15226/issue B 1603/10.05.2017) at the University of Piraeus.

In a constantly evolving economic environment, the role and mission that the Public University has to play in modern society has been dramatically diversified.

The Laboratory was established in order to cover the research needs and educational purposes of the Department of Economics and of the University of Piraeus in general, as well as to contribute to research, studies and expertise to be undertaken by private and public enterprises or institutions, ministries, International Organizations important for the country's development.

To do so we consider various factors drawing on modern economic theory, the institutional framework of Corporate Governance at European, International and National level, the functioning and institutional framework of the financial markets, modern tools of financing and risk management, and international trends in the areas of interest.

The aim of the laboratory

The purpose of the Laboratory is to provide theoretical and applied research, to develop the scientific knowledge in order to cover educational and research needs at undergraduate and postgraduate level, not only of the Department of Economics but also of the University of Piraeus, in general.


The laboratory is staffed by academics of the Department of Economics of the University of Piraeus, other Departments and Institutions of Greece and abroad whose research and teaching interests fall within those of the Laboratory, including postdoctoral students and PhD candidates.


How to contact us

Economics of Financial Markets, Risk Management and Corporate Governance

Department of Economics

80 Str. Karaoli & Dimitriou

18534 Piraeus


Tel: (+30) 210 414 2299




The laboratory has organized with the collaboration of SED at 27/11/2017 a conference on the following topic:



Among others, they attend the conference the President of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, the Vice President of the University of Piraeus, academics and many students. You can watch the presentations at the following link https://youtu.be/fWCumacfpXY


The Director of the Laboratory


Maria Psillaki

Associate Professor