The Department of Economics offers the possibility of pursuing Post-Doc Research (study). The research topic should be related to the fields of interest of the research members of the Department. The outcome of the Post-Doc research should full-filled all the criteria of quality and be publishable to top-tier scientific journals.



The prospective Post-Doc student should hold a Ph.D. degree. The prospective Post-Doc contacts a research memeber (Assistant, Associate professor or Professor) of the Department and, in co-ordination, they write a research proposal and submit it, along with other required documents (see below),  to the Secretariat of Department any time of the year.

Download research proposal, here.

Required Documents

1. Application form (for the form, click here)

2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

3. Certified copies of all diplomas (B.A., B.Sc., M.A., M.Sc., and Ph.D.)

4. At least two recommendation letters from academic or research members from Greece or abroad.

5. Evidence (certificate) of excellent knowledge of English.

Additionally, the candidate could submit any other relevant information s/he considers important.

Address (to submit all documents): Secretariat of the Department of Economics | University of Piraeus | Karaoli & Dimitriou 80, 185 34 Piraeus | Floor: 1st, Office: 110 | E-mail: | Tel.: (+30) 210 4142077 | Fax: 210 4142346.


Minimum 1 and maximum 2 years. Only in special circumstances, the duration can be extended.


The Post-Doc candidate is advised to:

- submit annual reports;

- attend the Departmental Research Seminars;

- teach tutorials and supervise exams, upon request;

- participate in research activities of the Department;

- attend international quality conferences;

- submit the research outcomes to top-tier journals.