Undergraduate Studies

The four-year (eight semesters) Bachelor (B.A.) Programme of our Department consists of 48 courses (obligatory and elective), which are equivalent to 240 ECTS credits. Each course develops in six hours (three blocks of two hours each) during the week. Teaching is accompanied by exercises, seminars, student work, and discussions in the classroom. The curriculum is designed to impart knowledge, the cultivation of scientific reflection of the students and guide them in scientific methods of work and research. 

The allocation of the 48 courses, to successfully complete the B.A. Programme, is as follows: During the first and second semester, students are required to take five obligatory courses and one foreign language; during third and fourth semester, students can take four obligatory and one elective, from a range of electives the Department offers, and one foreign language; finally, during the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth semester, students can take two obligatory, two electives, and one foreign language.